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Posted in Uncategorized by closetcouture on February 1, 2009

I have just launched this site, dedicated to lovers of vintage shopping who don’t want to spend a lot of money doing it. I have a wide variety of clothes, vintage and modern, all in good condition waiting for someone special to recreate a look for each unique piece. I will be featuring shoes and jewelry as well. I understand that it may take time to develop this site, so bare with me and don’t be afraid to ask questions either via my e-mail or within the comment section! Hope you enjoy!

This is how it works:

shoes: $5
clothing item: $3
accessories: $3 – $5
An additional charge may be placed on heavier items

Accept Paypal only. If you see something you love e-mail me at and your e-mail will be returned promptly. Payment must be received before shipping will occur. No returns- although I would love to instill this service, it gets too complicated!

Please email me with the name and price of the item.

Item will be shipped within 24 hrs of payment received. Please leave your feedback so others can view and use this as a reference for their own purchases.


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